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Board of Directors Spotlight

Posted on: February 26th, 2019 by Kim Radcliffe

Meet Our Board Chair

The work that we do, would be impossible without the support of our Board of Directors.  Here, we would like to recognize our Board Chair, JoAnn Currie.  Due to changes in our organizational by-laws, we have been fortunate enough to have JoAnn as our Board Chair longer than any of her predecessors. 

Bringing it Back to the Community

A native of Greensboro, she always wanted to be a teacher or a nurse growing up. When she graduated from Grimsley High School, she attended Appalachian State University and majored in Special Education with a minor in dance.  

Doing it for the Kids

JoAnn soon found herself working at the Kendall Center with the Kendall Infant Toddler Demonstration Project, which she loved and worked there for eight years.  At which time, she began to work with Greensboro City Schools to start the preschool handicapped program which became the Exceptional Children’s Preschool Program.  In 2013, she retired from the school system, and that year she was also recruited for the Partnership’s board.

We sat down with JoAnn to ask her a few questions.

Partnership:  You’ve served a longer term as Board Chair than anyone before you. How has that unique experience been?

JoAnn: It’s definitely been a learning curve.  When I came on as Vice Chair, the Partnership was in flux with organizational changes.  I was working through that with the then Board Chair while still trying to figure things out, having only been on the board 2 years.  It felt like I was still learning.  Now I feel more confident and have grown and learned with this experience.  It has also been a joy seeing the staff that were working at the Partnership at that time and how they stuck with it and kept their passion and dedication for our young children. 

P:  What has been your favorite moment as a board member?

J:  Having the community partners present and bring us those real-life stories.  When I’ve been able to be around families or children, or in a classroom, that the Partnership has touched and made a big difference, a real qualitative difference, in people’s lives that… probably is my favorite part. 

P:  What would you say you are most proud of during your time on the board?

J:  Seeing how people come together for a common cause or common love.  From board members rolling off but still staying involved, to the excitement of new board members coming in, seeing staff grow in their positions.  The whole dynamic of people from all walks of life coming together for the good of our children.  

P:  If someone was considering joining our board or one of our committees, what would you say to them?

J: Jump right in, baby!  There are so many needs of families and children that if you have an interest in helping that is a way that directly impacts people, by giving of your time and your talent. 

P:  What is your favorite children’s book?

J:  Thinking back on the books that I enjoyed and my children enjoyed, two kind of came to mind.  I tend to like whimsical books, because whimsy shows creativity and imagination.  If you can imagine something then you can be it.  So, one book I just loved was “The Napping House”, just for the rhythm of the words and the whimsy of the illustrations.  And then “Where the Wild Things Are” because that to me shows imagination, a mother’s unconditional love, and acceptance. 

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