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Coaching & Consultation Resources

EQuIPD (Education, Quality Improvement & Professional Development) is administered through the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. This service can help you increase staff capability and capacity. Experienced consultants can coach your team on:

  •  specific classroom strategies
  • find professional development/education opportunities
  • provide peer mentoring opportunities
  • and much more.

Visit our website for more information.

Bringing Out the Best are professionals who provide a wide array of services. Their services include encouraging positive social and emotional development in young children. Need help with a challenging child or children in your classroom? Want assistance in developing strategies that help children cope with change? This program can help you. Visit the website, send an e-mail, or call 336-334-3120.

Guiding Healthy Behaviors in Early Childhood team works with you to assess how you can create an environment where children are active, eating well, engaging in outdoor activities, and taking other actions that will help them stay healthy throughout life. The team uses research-based tools to assess where you are today and help you develop a plan to move forward. The team also provides on-site consultation, coaching and training to help you reach your goals. Interested? Contact us.

 Child Care Health Consultation program is administered through the Guilford County Department of Public Health. Consultants are available to help you meet and sustain standards that help keep children safe and healthy. Contact CCHC to learn more about the wide variety of services available to you. Or call them directly at 336-641-6635.

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