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  • Watch a video to learn how to build a safe, stable, and nurturing relationship with your child and how to handle stressors that affect all parents.

  • Get social. Your child is developing skills that will last a lifetime. Help your child connect with other kids his/her age. Your local playground, library, or recreation center can be a great place to meet other children. Joining or starting a local playgroup is another option.
  • Work on healthy behaviors now. It’s hard to eat right later on if you don’t learn those skills as a young child. Help your child start making great choices about eating, exercising and sleeping now. Learn more.
  • Limit screen time including time on hand-held devices. It’s easy to say, and difficult to do. Healthy brains need to be engaged in a wide variety of activities, so pediatricians recommend children age 2+ to have less than two hours of screen time every day.  Find out more here.
  • Read with and talk with your child every day. This is the #1 thing you can do to help your child’s brain development. Take a look at these recommended books for toddlers, selected by parents.
  • Get help with toilet training. While every child is different, many children are ready to be potty-trained at this time. Get tips to help your child gain confidence.
  • Try some new activities. Stuck in a rut? Check out Be Active Kids for some fun, free activities to do with your child.
  • Learn about childcare options. If you’re looking for childcare options, get details here.
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