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Fulfilling a Need and Focusing on Quality

Posted on: February 26th, 2019 by Kim Radcliffe

NC Pre-K Provider Spotlight

Kid Appeal Learning Center has been one of our longest serving NC Pre-K providers here in Guilford County! We took a moment to ask Angela Davis, the owner, a few questions.

Why did you decide to go into childcare?

I decided to go into child care upon moving back to my hometown, High Point, NC in 1995.  My husband and I searched high and low, to no avail, for quality childcare. We were proud parents of a new baby boy and wanted a safe place with a learning environment that would allow me to return to work with the confidence that my child’s educational needs would be met in a safe, loving and nurturing environment.

As a Social Worker I had years of experience in assisting families with job placement, childcare assistance and other needed services.  I had an idea of what quality childcare should be and I had the necessary skill sets that could be used to provide parents with quality childcare. My husband wanted to start a business and encouraged me to step out on faith.  Both the entrepreneurial desires and our personal need for quality childcare intersected. We decided that we could provide our child and many other children in the local community with the same quality of care that we sought after. Therefore, in 1997 we sought out to fill that void and Kid Appeal Learning Center was created.

Why did you become a part of More at Four/NC Pre-K?

Once committed to childcare as a career path we made a total commitment to give children our absolute best.  I’ve always strived to bring the very best early educational options to the High Point community. Smart Start was an initiative started under Governor Jim Hunt and I was asked to serve on a local committee. We shared our experiences with others and learned so much from others who participated in the early developmental studies. I’ve served on the Childcare Commission appointed by the NC General Assembly; all of which contributed to my development in the field of Early Education.  I believe that my involvement on the different boards and commissions helped shape the present-day quality standards that has grown from Smart Start into More-at-Four and today’s NC Pre-K.

What do you think sets NC Pre-K apart from preschool?

What sets NC Pre-K apart from preschool is, the opportunity that NC Pre-K provides for a more in-depth needs assessment of each child. The teachers are required to visit each child’s home environment prior to starting the school year. This holistic approach adds an additional step that uncovers another layer that aids our teachers in understanding each child’s needs.

What is your favorite thing about NC Pre-K? 

My favorite thing about NC Pre-K is to witness the tremendous growth of our children. Children come to us sometimes with little to no social-emotional skills. They come with little to no classroom experiences. We meet them at the level that we receive them and expose them to a rich learning environment full of new experiences provided by the NC Pre-K program. To watch a child’s amazing intellectual growth over a short time span is very rewarding.

Do you have a “best moment” or success story? If so what?

We end each NC Pre-K school year with a graduation ceremony. This includes: cap and gown and “Pomp and Circumstance”. The proud moments of graduation, expressions of pride and joy by parents, families and friends are the special moments that I will hold near and dear for a very long time.

How would you explain the importance of early childhood education to someone?

Children’s minds develop very early in life; they are like little sponges constantly absorbing information. The earlier they are exposed to positive learning environments, the greater their chances of building a solid foundation for establishing lifelong learning, which leads to long term success.

What is your favorite center/activity in your center?

I have several favorite centers/activities in my Center. Computers and the use of technology allows our teachers to bring the whole world into the classroom. The use of technology greatly enhances the learning experience. The Dramatic Play center allows the children to develop social skills by interacting with one another. Finally, my favorite center/activity in my Center is the Arts Center where children can express themselves through writing, coloring, and drawing. Altogether, each of these centers are equally as important as the other; whereas, children are able to learn extensively through play!

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