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We’re at your service, let us be your Help Center! Here are some frequently asked questions to help you find what you are looking for quickly.

  • Do you operate childcare centers? No. We provide funding for childcare subsidies and administer NC Pre-K. We also offer support to numerous Community Partners who provide services directly to children and their families.
  • I have a child with special needs. What resources are available to him/her? If your child will be four years old by August 31, 2018, you may want to consider completing an application for NC Pre-K. (Applications will be available in January, 2018.) To find resources you’re looking for, call 2-1-1 and a customer service representative can help you.
  • I’m a student who is pursuing a degree  in early childhood education. Do you post jobs at childcare centers? Not at this time.
  • How are children selected for the NC Pre-K program? Children will be selected based on their development need. Many children who participate in NC Pre-K have not had any preschool experiences. See the eligibility criteria.
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