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Conceptual Background

Partnership for Children of Guilford County has reversed the order of ‘Guilford County’ and ‘Partnership for Children.’ We have also changed the colors of the logo to reflect our Smart Start affiliation.

Partnership for Children of Guilford County is a go-to resource for everything related to young children in our county – from the time an expectant mother receives prenatal care until a child reaches kindergarten. The logo reflects our vision of being a connector in Guilford County for key audiences.

Each color in the logo represents key parts of our community who are engaged in making sure Guilford County is a great place for young children to learn and grow. The colors are as follows:

  • Blue = Parents & Caregivers
  • Red = Early Childhood Professionals
  • Yellow = Community Partners
  • Green = Advocates

Together, the parts work together to build a stronger Guilford County

Logo Design

Our logo is an important and valued graphic element and must be used consistently and appropriately. This logo has been designed specifically for use by our Community Partners.

General Requirements

  • The logo should appear on all electronic and print materials associated with or distributed by the program funded by the Partnership for Children of Guilford County. This includes your website and any outreach materials for external audiences (marketing materials, fundraising materials, forms, etc.)
  • Do not copy and paste the logo from any document. To preserve the visual effectiveness of the logo, CP’s should use the original file format provided by the Partnership for Children of Guilford County (at the bottome of this page).
  • The “Smart Start” logo is part of our logo and must be on all materials.
  • Do not stretch the logo vertically or horizontally.
  • The logo can be printed in color or in black and white only using the .jpeg provided. The Partnership logo cannot be created in different colors.

Exclusion Zone

Text and other design elements may not encroach upon the logo, i.e. there shouldn’t be text or any other logos touching the space that’s inside the “red box” shown in this document. Enough space must be left around the logo.

Minimum Reproduction Size

A minimum size must be adhered to so the logo remains legible. If you’re using the logo with the logos of other funders, keep this is mind.

If space allotted is below the recommended size, adjustments may need to be made to balance the shape and visibility.

To Identify the Partnership as a Funder

CP’s may use the words “Funded by:” above the logo in materials. (See Example below).

Funded by:

The Partnership logo is the property of the Partnership for Children of Guilford County and shall be used only in the form and manner specified in this attachment. The CP is strictly prohibited from using the Partnership logo in any form other than that which is specifically set forth in this attachment.

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