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It Takes a Special Person to Be a Teacher

Posted on: January 16th, 2020 by Kim Radcliffe

The NC Pre-K Program is a wonderful chance for children to get ready for Kindergarten.  We reached out to one of our NC Pre-K Lead Teachers, Sharron Hylton, to find out why she became a teacher, what makes the NC Pre-K Program great to her, and any advice she wanted to share with families.

Why I teach

“Be who you needed when you were younger.” -Ayesha Siddiqi

Early Childhood is my passion and I love providing a safe environment where children feel encouraged to explore.  The field of Early Childhood has great teachers; I am excited to be an educator working for a high quality program. I like to collaborate with families and children to create a positive school culture. As an educator I hold myself to high standards and I strive to provide children with developmentally and culturally appropriate activities that will scaffold their learning.  I value building connections with children and families and enjoy watching each child grow to be successful.  One of my favorite things is to hear from families, after they have graduated from my class, about how well their child is doing in Elementary School.

Why I believe the NC Pre-K program is great

I believe every child and family deserves a free high-quality, safe, nurturing preschool experience. NC Pre-K is a program that wants to build a foundation for the special child in your life to be a lifelong learner.  Before age five a child’s brain is developing faster than any other time in their life, and attending a quality Pre-K program leads them to future success.  Studies show that children who have attended Pre-K have better outcomes (graduate high school, attend college, higher salaries)in life.

Advice for families who want to prepare their children for NC Pre-K

The most important thing they can do to prepare is to fill out their child’s application for NC Pre-K.  Your child will also need a physical.  What does your child need to know before starting Pre-K?  I would tell all families that there are no educational requirements in order for their child to start. You will be surprised at everything they will learn the first month of school.  Be willing to collaborate with your child’s teacher. You know your child better than anyone, and a good teacher wants to get to know your child and appreciates your feedback.  I also want to assure families that your child will have a teacher that will keep them safe.

Sharron Hylton
NC Pre-K Lead Teacher
Hayes-Taylor YMCA Pre-K

We would like to thank Sharron for sharing her time and perspective.  To our families preparing for NC Pre-K, we are looking forward to working with you!

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