NC Pre-K (Eligible 4-year-olds)

The NC Pre-K program is a free pre-kindergarten program for children whose families meet eligibility requirements. Look below for more information.

The NC Pre-K program is offered at participating Guilford County Schools, Head Start programs, and licensed four- and five-star private providers. There are 2,196 NC Pre-K slots in Guilford County for the current school year. Priority is given to children who have not had prior preschool experience. NC Pre-K services are offered at no charge to eligible children. If you have other questions, please check out our FAQ.

Who is eligible?

  • For school year 2022-2023, eligible children must be four-years-old on or before August 31, 2022.

One of the following must also be true:

  • The child’s family meets the income eligibility (PDF) OR
  • The child has limited English proficiency OR
  • The child has an identified disability OR
  • The child has a chronic health condition OR
  • The child has developmental or educational need OR
  • The child has a parent who is active duty military.
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What you need before applying

Applicants MUST have the following to be complete:

  • Proof of birth: copy of birth certificate OR medical records OR immunization record
  • Proof of residency: copy of current utility bill OR rental agreement
  • Proof of income: copy of W-2 OR 1040 Form OR 4 most recent, consecutive pay stubs
    • For school year 2022-2023, please submit 2021 1040 or 2021 W-2.
  • Additional income if applicable: court-ordered child support, unemployment benefits, workers compensation
  • If applicable, documentation of chronic health condition, parent's military service, developmental or educational needs and/or IEP
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Apply for Pre-K

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